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Few things in this world have the power to symbolise and connect us to our memories like jewellery can. It’s a symbol of love and life that creates a precious, eternal bond. For me, I learnt that lesson as a child.


When I was 7 my family and I were forced to flee our homeland of Vietnam as political refugees. We could take little with us on that perilous boat journey to Hong Kong and we chose our most precious possessions - family photos and jewellery which I’ve treasured ever since. To this day that jewellery connects me back with those childhood memories, loved ones and places for which I’m eternally grateful.

That chapter of my life made me embrace the value of memories and the simple things in life. Maintaining that sense of joy and gratitude for the everyday lead to creating intricate, beautiful pieces from the raw materials around me and jewellery making became my creative outlet.

At The Sir John Cass School of Art, London I learnt to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation with traditional skills. In the process of experimenting with structural complexity in movement, I developed the foundations for my Molecule Design Structure along with my creative expression.

I find such beauty in the ever changing nature of life; igniting a passion and desire to translate it into my designs by creating a connection with life’s natural process in the form of visual and physical flow. The tactical quality of my pieces enables them to connect effortlessly and in harmony with the body, its movement and its inherent sensuality.

My work has been presented in Sotheby’s, The Goldsmith’s Company, The Crafts Council, Liberty of London, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. I exhibit at Galleries and Open Studios. 

The collection is available for viewing at CockPits Studio, Bloomsbury by appointment. For bespoke commissions I recommend a phone call first to explore possibilities. My work regularly centres around taking a treasured heirloom gem stone and evolving it, with grace and care into a newly envisioned piece.

Knowing my jewellery encapsulates and reflects eternal bonds brings me the biggest joy.

— yours, Yen


As a Jeweller, it’s a privilege and honour to work with our planet’s precious natural resources to create my pieces. I feel a deep responsibility to care for, respect and protect the world we inhabit, that gives so much and nurtures us. This respect guides my choices from the suppliers I work with who share my values and provide my materials. I’m continually making changes to improve my choices and reduce the impact. 


RECYLCLED PRECIOUS METALS / we use 100% recycled gold and where possible silver. Our suppliers offer us transparency ensuring the metal is not sourced from conflict areas. We minimise the use of newly mined metal to protect the environment and communities. 

JEWELS + STONES / our jewels and stones are mined and sourced under ethical conditions.

DIAMONDS / our certified Natural Diamonds are sourced from suppliers who abide by the Kimberly Process and where possible we use Canada-mark Diamonds, whose mining regulations are unwaveringly strict and responsible. We especially love working with our Lab Grown Diamonds which have the same chemical and physical properties and are certified. These eco-friendly diamonds have less impact on the Earth so they are better for the planet vs mined diamonds. 

REPURPOSED PRECIOUS METALS + JEWELS / using pre-owned materials, including our client’s Heirloom pieces gives us the chance to create very unique pieces with no additional environmental impact though the provenance of the repurposed materials may be unknown. 


Working with suppliers who share our values means I have the honour of working with Jewel and Stone Master Traders. From the heart of Hatton Gardens I have been working with the same family run firms for over 26 years who for generations have sourced the very finest Diamonds, semi precious stones and metals. These trusted sources give me and my team of independent makers the materials to make the magic happen and I’m truly grateful for this like minded community.

“Yen’s work is feminine yet striking and the collection is a wonderful example of how Yen’s molecule theme continues to be the inspiration behind her new designs. Yen has successfully managed to maintain her signature while taking it to another level." 

Joanna Hardy, Jewellery Specialist for the BBC Antique Road Show & Sotheby's


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