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A favourite piece of jewellery connects to a time and memory like no other possession.
Thank you to our clients for sharing their experience, testimonials and kind words.

"Yen’s jewels are living things, like golden shrubs sprouting from the depths of her imagination. This soft green aquamarine pendant with its organic, flora infused setting feels joyous like the designer herself. Her use of colour-soaked gemstones is bold and playful."


Jewellery Specialist
Journalist, Writer

"Yen has always stood out for their exceptional craftsmanship and service, but this time they surpassed all expectations. As I navigated their user-friendly website, I was met with a vast collection of mesmerizing necklaces, each one telling a unique story of artistry and passion. It was a heartwarming experience knowing that every piece was crafted with such care, and difficult to decide. The necklace arrived promptly and was impeccably packaged, accompanied by a heartfelt note that touched my soul. It was evident that Yen not only cares about the quality of their jewellery but also cherishes the relationships they build with their customers. This level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail made the entire experience feel like a true partnership.”

I think it is a WOW piece of your wonderful and magic craftsmanship - you have given life to my stone in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

You are a most amazing jeweller. How you bring love and movement to your pieces is so wondrous to me, who's really not a creative sort at all - I marvel at your skill and creativity and the love you bring to your work - and particularly my ring!! 

I am blessed to have been your client for 14 years - and it is most certainly a huge pleasure to work with you and get to know you in your journey. 


“Yen’s work is feminine yet striking and the collection is a wonderful example of how Yen’s molecule theme continues to be the inspiration behind her new designs. Yen has successfully managed to maintain her signature while taking it to another level.”


Jewellery Specialist for the BBC Antique Road Show & Sotheby’s

As a designer, I am passionate about creating pieces that hold their own identity with distinction

"I am so happy with what you made of my Granpa’s, via my Mum’s gift.   

My gran never appreciated the original ring when Granpa gave it to her and never wore it.

What you designed, updated and created with the beautiful stones, and subsequently made, is gorgeous. I wear it frequently and get great enjoyment from it.  

My Mother is delighted with what you made of Granpa’s ring and has said more than once how pleased he would be to see it being worn so frequently."



Yen’s jewellery has energy that allows the wearer to encapsulate it and make it their own

Working with suppliers who share our values means I have the honour of working with Jewel and Stone Master Traders. From the heart of Hatton Gardens I have been working with the same family run firms for over 26 years who for generations have sourced the very finest Diamonds, semi precious stones and metals. These trusted sources give me and my team of independent makers the materials to make the magic happen and I’m truly grateful for this like minded community.

Layers upon layers of black slinky molecules combined to create a luxurious drape. The wonderfully tactile nature of this design feels delightful to wear and is aesthetically pleasurable to enjoy and touch.

With an unfaltering precision and intricacy each piece is designed and made by hand. Our Cockpit Studio workshop in Bloomsbury London is a hub to create pieces that have an effortless connection between the body and the jewellery.



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