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"I love Yen jewellery, it is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to wear, it always invites positive comments. Yen is a lovely person to work with and turns ideas into practical and gorgeous pieces - M Chamberlain

Commissioning a piece of Yen Jewellery is a captivating experience culminating in a personalised one-of-a-kind design. From her central London workshop Yen invites you to join her on a journey of creative exploration and craftsmanship.

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Creating a new bespoke design 

"On my first visit to you where we discussed design options I was overwhelmed with your insight as to what I would like. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas but with your expertise and years of experience you helped and guided me until a clear idea came into my mind. I am so absolutely delighted to have a truly beautiful stone set in one of your magnificent settings. I can’t thank you enough Yen for creating such a beautiful and wonderful ring.” - J. Bates

Creating a new bespoke design is the most exciting process in the commissioning journey. Yen invites you to discuss new design concepts - which draw from her renowned molecular jewellery style. New pieces are first modelled in silver so Yen can ensure that the composition and fitting is perfected before meticulously handcrafting a final piece.

Remodelling your existing jewellery into new designs 
“The process of deciding with Yen on how to set my stone was enthralling. When I saw the finished piece it was both exactly what I wanted and also a delicious surprise." - Melissa

Unworn jewellery and heirloom jewels come with their own unique story and, with the remodeling process, Yen invites you to open an exciting new chapter. Your treasured stones may be set in new sculptural settings or your gold may be melted and reformed to create a dynamic new design - giving your precious materials a new freedom and lease of life. 

Customising an existing Yen Jewellery design 
"I am so enjoying my ring. It is a perfect fit and feels just right for so many occasions. Coming to you to have it designed and made, and then collecting it was a special experience which has become part of the story. We won't forget our delight in seeing it for the first time.  It’s simply beautiful." - D Rollinson

Yen invites you to become part of the design process, adding an individual touch to her jewellery by hand selecting your own stone or precious material and tailoring an existing design from her collections. You may wish to customise a piece to suit your unique style or to personalise a gift. Celebrate an occasion with a birthstone, anniversary jewel or other gemstones with special personal meaning. 

“The ring is almost edible it is so scrummy!” - K. Thomas

Time frame

The process usually takes between 4 to 12 weeks and Yen can work with you if you have a special date or occasion in mind.

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