"On my first visit to you where we discussed design options I was overwhelmed with your insight as to what I would like. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas but with your expertise and years of experience you helped and guided me until a clear idea came into my mind. I am so absolutely delighted to have a truly beautiful stone set in one of your magnificent settings. I can’t thank you enough Yen for creating such a beautiful and wonderful ring.” J. Bates

Visit Yen Jewellery to discuss a design and work with Yen to push the boundaries of your imagination. Draw from elements of her signature style or explore a concept personal to you to create a fresh new piece of jewellery. Adorn with pearls, embellish with diamonds, rubies or emeralds, whichever direction you would like to take, we will ensure that you enjoy a perfectly tailored experience that sees your design come to life. Be it for engagement ring or a remodelling of something sentimental, we will create a piece that captures the vitality of Yen’s designs and give you a stunning bespoke piece to treasure.